the daily use and maintenance of the smoothie machine 

1. When the smoothie machine is grinding hot soy milk or hot corn juice, do not add too hot water or raw materials. Overheated raw materials and water will rapidly increase the internal temperature of the knife group and accelerate the wear of the waterproof rubber ring;

2. Due to the large horsepower of the smoothie machine, it is a high-speed rotation. In order to avoid the wear and tear of the mushroom head and the bearing due to improper operation, the cup needs to be completely placed on the connection base. feel, to ensure full contact before starting to run.

3. Do not pull out the cup from the base immediately after grinding and shut down, wait for the machine to stop smoothly before taking the cup, otherwise the mushroom head will be easily pulled loose or deformed;

4. The polished smoothie, soy milk or corn juice should be poured into other containers immediately, and should not be left in the cup. Long-term soaking will also cause the knife set to age faster;

5. Clean the cup immediately after grinding, and clean the residue in the cup. Remember to only rinse the inside of the cup when cleaning, and do not wet the gear part of the knife set at the bottom of the cup. After cleaning, put the cups upside down to dry.

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