How to choose a boiling bucket

How to choose a boiling bucket Zhongshan Qingyue Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. to teach you


● Pure plane water level gauge display, at a glance, the glass tube water gauge is equipped with a stainless steel sheath, which can effectively protect the water gauge glass tube, shockproof and pressure-proof during transportation and use, completely and effectively protect the water gauge glass tube from being broken, and the design is safer; 

● Unique high-grade edible nylon plastic faucet imported from the United States, 360 ℃ rotation, more convenient to use; ● Double-layer edible imported plastic bucket lid, not hot to the hand, more thermal insulation, not broken when dropped on the ground, more safe and practical; 

● Open Type flat bottom design, easier to clean and more convenient; 

● Double-layer structure of the barrel body, the boiling water in the barrel is 100 degrees, and the outer barrel wall is 40 degrees, which is not hot to touch, which is safer; 

● Completely change the raw water, the mixed flow mode of boiling water, to ensure 100 degrees % pure boiled water, automatic heat preservation; 

●Made of imported real stainless steel without magnetism, luxurious, beautiful and durable; 

● Multifunctional design ( there are also tea, milk, soybean milk, coffee, etc. ) , convenient and practical; (milk and Soymilk has a high concentration and is easy to stick to the bottom. It must be adjusted to a suitable temperature and stirred during cooking) 

● Suitable for hotels, restaurants, restaurants, offices, office buildings, restaurants, canteens, restaurants and other places, with a wide range of applications. 

● Double anti-dry-burning safety protection, more secure; 

● Heating, heat preservation lamp display, clear at a glance;