Automatic Fructose Dispenser 8L Syrup Dispenser Silver

Fructose dispenser machine for milktea, bubble tea, boba tea
net/gross weight
machine size
280 watts
110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz
storage capacity
8 liters fructose
quantative functions
16 keys, and fructose gram can be customized
  • {Control Panel:} This automatic fructose dispenser is equipped with digital display and three indicators showing heating and feeding status.
  • {Stainless steel Material: }This syrup dispenser liner is made of 304 stainless steel, which meets safety and hygiene standards, anti-oxidation and easy to clean.
  • {16 Groups:} This fructose quantitative machine uses microcomputer control to set the output amount of fructose proportion, with 16 memory keys. Filling volume:5-80ML
  • {Application:} This fructose pump can be used in homes, ice shops, cafe shops, tea shops,restaurants.
  • { Instruction:} To prevent the sugar mouth blocked, can not directly put sucrose, coarser sugar into the liner. We provide you with professional English manual with operation instruction and maintenance methods.