China Automatic Fructose Dispenser Factory 8L Syrup Dispenser black

Automatic bubble tea fructose dispenser for milktea, bubble tea, boba tea
net/gross weight
machine size
280 watts
110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz
storage capacity
8 liters fructose
quantative functions
16 keys, and fructose gram can be customized
  • China Automatic Fructose Dispenser Factory 8L Syrup Dispenser black
  • {Control Panel:} This automatic fructose dispenser  is equipped with digital display and three indicators showing heating and feeding status.
  • {Stainless steel Material: }This syrup dispenser liner is made of 304 stainless steel, which meets safety and hygiene standards, anti-oxidation and easy to clean.
  • {16 Groups:} This fructose quantitative machine uses microcomputer control to set the output amount of fructose proportion, with 16 memory keys. Filling volume:5-80ML
  • {Application:} This fructose syrup dispenser machine pump can be used in bubble tea fructose dispenser, homes, ice shops, cafe shops, tea shops,restaurants.
  • { Instruction:} To prevent the sugar mouth blocked, can not directly put sucrose, coarser sugar into the liner. We provide you with professional English manual with operation instruction and maintenance methods.
 fructose dispenser factory
fructose dispenser factory

Fructose Syrup Dispenser Machine Bubble Tea Product Description:

This product can be used in milk tea shops, bread rooms, dessert shops, restaurants, etc. The dedicated automatic quantitative sugar, accurate sugar control, fast sugar, users can customize the amount of sugar required for setting.


2. Automatic Fructose Dispenser Settings Product characteristics:

1. Circuit precision sugar control;
2. Circuit board’s sugar reaction speed is fast;
3. The circuit board can be set according to the user’s customized sugar;
4. The circuit board work is stable, with the parameters set by the storage user (the data does not lose data);
5. Circuit board working status instructions;
6. The circuit board has a self -inspection fault code instruction;
7. The circuit board is isolated by a transformer;
8. The circuit board has anti -dry burning protection;
9. The circuit board has the restoration of the factory settings;


3. Fructose Dispenser Machine Main Parameters:

1. The rated working voltage: AC220V/50Hz;
2. The rated current of the circuit board: ≤800mA;
3. Output control motor voltage: AC220V/50Hz;
4. Protection level: IP55;
5. Use environment:
Work temperature: -5 ℃ ~ 60 ℃;

Automatic Fructose Dispenser Factory
Automatic Fructose Dispenser Factory

What is the Automatic Fructose Dispenser ?


If you want to make bubble tea, then a fructose dispenser is the ideal tool. This device helps you program the exact amount of syrup to add to your recipes, which is crucial for consistency across all your drinks. It also helps you cut down on waste. The fructose dispenser can help you achieve this by reducing the time and effort required for preparation.

Fructose dispenser machines are easy to use and have a variety of features. They offer different levels of sweetness for the drink, which will allow your bubble tea shop to stand out from the rest of the competition. The machine has a built-in microcomputer that can adjust the amount of fructose in a drink and will dispense a certain amount of fructose to the drink. The machine can also be programmed to dispense either 15ml or 23ml of fructose, making it easier for customers to customize their drinks.

How to use Fructose Dispenser ?