Commercial smoothie blender QY-018

Model:QY-018 Commercial smoothie blender
MINI Power:1600W
FOB Price:50usd
Payment term:TT or LC
Lead time:30-40 days
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1. The cup body of the Commercial smoothie blender is made of PC, without any leftovers and other plastics;
2. The fixed plate is galvanized and cast;
3. The starting line of the motor is all copper core, and it is not doped with copper clad aluminum.
4. The blade is made of black steel (cutting tool steel).

Model: QY-018 Rated voltage: 110V-240V Rated frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Maximum power: 1750W capacity: 2.5L
Net weight: 4.5KG Gross weight: 5.5KG
Imported accessories: carbon brush and thermal protection, which can withstand high temperature of 120 degrees. Case color: (all can be customized)
Carbon brush: Electrographite Uses: conditioning, mixing, ice breaking
Packing: color box, neutral, OEM (OEM)
Packing size: 310X270X410MM Motor: all copper core coil, standard 9845 motor
Soy milk: freshly ground all kinds of whole grains, no residue, uniformity and fineness, no loss of nutrition.
Smoothies: Quickly break ice cubes to make all kinds of refreshing smoothies.
Juice: Crush all kinds of fruits at high speed, no residue, complete juice, and more comprehensive nutrition.
Milkshake: Evenly condition the milkshake and quickly crush the ice in the milkshake. Reach the best taste of smoothie milkshake